Sharing a precious moment with Ammaji


We announce with great pleasure that the renowned Vedānta teacher Ammaji will lead several Workshops in Germany in August! In summer 2019, Ammaji will be touring Europe and teaching in the UK, Germany and Spain. While in Germany, she will be teaching the Philosophy Teacher Training of Mindful Yin+Yoga, and will be sharing her insights in 3 Workshops. All events are charity events and a fundraising for the Purnavidya foundation, supporting many social programs in poor communities in India.

In the Workshop, Ammaji will be teaching Vedānta philosophy on the topic ‚Yoga and Meditation‘.

Based on the sacred ancient Indian scripture the Bhagavad Gita, Ammaji's teachings aim to provide answers to the deep philosophical questions of life. She will elaborate on topics such as how to calm and focus the mind, proper action and proper attitude, reincarnation and awakening to oneness, peace and harmony.
Please save the date if any of this resonates with you. Meeting Ammaji is a great honor and participating in a teaching with her can help you awaken and open your heart to your true self.
The workshop will include teachings, Meditation, Reflection and Question / Answer. Teaching language is english.

Swamini Pramananda, fondly know as Ammaji, is a spiritual guide, a highly regarded teacher of Vedānta and a Sanskrit scholar with over 30 years of teaching-experience.

She has a strong scientific background and has represented Hinduism in many international conferences.
She has written more than 30 books about Indian philosophy and supports many social programs in poor communities in India. To find out more, visit Swamini's website(www.purnavidya.org).

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Venue: Yogastudio Brixener Hof, Tarayoga Regensburg, Am Brixener Hof 5, 93047 Regensburg

Registration: Mail to office@tarayoga-regensburg.de

Donation: empfohlen - recommended 35.- bis 45.-