mit Joe Barnett

Zwei intensive Tage mit Yin Yoga und funktioneller Anatomie, Theorie und Praxis, geleitet von Joe Barnett, einem der erfahrensten Yin Yoga Lehrer weltweit.

Vier abwechslungsreiche Unterrichtsblöcke an zwei Tagen, die du entweder einzeln oder vergünstigt im Paket buchen kannst!

Preis für alle vier Sessions regulär: 223€
Preis für alle vier Sessions Frühbucher (nur für die ersten 10 Anmeldungen): 190€

Veranstaltungsort: Tarayoga, Am Brixener Hof 5

Karfreitag, 3. April 2015

9 - 14 Uhr
YIN YOGA: The Next Level

5 hour training and practice

Yin Yoga is the practice of surrender: The surrender of muscles to allow a stretch to sink into the deeper drier tissues all the way into the joints; The surrender of the breath's restrictions and holding patterns to allow oxygen to travel where needed most; The surrender of the mind and heart to allow the inner observer to naturally arise.

Yin Yoga works physically on the hips, groins and low back--stretching and toning the Connective Tissue Matrix of the body. Weaves of these tough dry collagen fibers are most prevalent and most aggressively shrinking and restricting us in these Target Areas of the Axis.
On a subtler level the practice releases the blocked Chi needed to awaken the spiritual centers of our being, the Chakras.

"The Modern Meridian Theory" holds that the physical manifestation of Chi (or Prana) flows in water patterns, "rivers" or Meridians that run through the Connective Tissue. Restricted Collagen, Stagnant and/or Deficient Chi flow is corrected and regulated through the proper application of practices like Yin Yoga.
The exit of the posture reveals this flow. And with a continued conscious effort toward soft focus at the end of each asana, the mysteries of the Chakras are revealed. In this training designed for Teachers as well as Serious Students, we will explore the postures, find our unique alignment to release the flow of Chi necessary to help penetrate to the root of the Chakras.

Regulär: 90€
Frühbucher (nur für die ersten 10 Anmeldungen): 75€

16 - 18:30 Uhr
Flying-Dragon/Sleeping-Swan: A Yang/Yin Yoga Sequence……

2,5 hour PRACTICE/'Master-class' (no lecture)

The quiet, long held, deep tissue work of Yin Yoga is only half of the equation in a fuller Taoist Yoga practice. Yang Yoga is its complement of continuous movement to bring strong blood and Chi movement into the Yogis muscles and meridians.
In this session we will explore the Flying Dragon sequence: Big circular movements, graceful twists, bends, and colorful, creative imagery and visualization. Grow wings in this Fire fueled sequence only to transform your effort into a deeply surrendering Sleeping Swan.

Regulär: 45€
Frühbucher (nur für die ersten 10 Anmeldungen): 38€

Samstag, 4. April 2015

9 - 12 Uhr
Yin Yoga and Chakra/Meridian Meditation

3 hours (lecture and practice)

The mysteries of the energetic body go as deep as the Spirit, as deep as the mysteries of life and death.
The study of the Chakras and Meridians is the study of the wheels and rivers of subtle energy that unite our physical, emotional and thinking bodies.
Yin Yoga directly affects the Meridian system. And the techniques of surrender can lead the practitioner into her spine where the Chakra wheels spin and deep truths reside.

Joe will present an outline of the Ancient Theory of the Three Bodies (Chakra layers) and how it blends with the Modern Meridian Theory through a brief lecture.
However, the real education is in the practice: A Yin Yoga sequence to release thick fibrous channels of Fascia where the Meridian lines commonly stagnate; And brief but potent Chakra Meditations to pull the freed energy deep into the spine, for awakening and evolution of the Heart/Spirit.

Regulär: 54€
Frühbucher (nur für die ersten 10 Anmeldungen): 45€

14 - 17 Uhr
A Taoist Analysis, a Yin Practice: Hips

3 hours (lecture and practice)

Are you an Internal Rotator or an External Rotator? Our hips are naturally designed to roll toward one direction more than the other. Every body is unique. This practice will offer some strong clues as to which direction you were built to spiral... and more importantly, will reveal effective techniques for a regular therapeutic maintenance of your unique structure.

Regulär: 54€
Frühbucher (nur für die ersten 10 Anmeldungen): 45€

Preis für alle vier Sessions regulär: 223€
Preis für alle vier Sessions Frühbucher (nur für die ersten 10 Anmeldungen): 190€

Joe Barnett

Joe Barnett, ERYT-500, has been teaching for over a decade. He travels nationally and internationally year round, teaching many styles of movement and has certifications in Yang (Vinyasa) Yoga, Yin Yoga and Acro Yoga.

His main focus of study is Functional Anatomy for Yoga and all forms of movement. Joe is a senior student of Paul Grilley, a true Yoga Scientist who is largely responsible for the current rise in the popularity of Yin Yoga and Functional Alignment. Using Paul's Taoist Analysis of Yoga and the Body, Joe teaches yogis how to understand and feel the full range of motion of their joints and their students' joints; and how to use this wisdom effectively and therapeutically in yoga.

However, his play time is usually spent practicing, teaching and drawing others into AcroYoga which he has been playing since 2006 when he met Jason Magness, Co-Founder of YogaSlackers, with whom he continues to train/play whenever he can. In 2010, Joe traveled to Montreal to receive both levels of certification through the original AcroYogis Eugene Poku and Jessie Goldberg.

His website: www.joebarnettyoga.com