Bowspring Yoga

I'm honored to be introduced at Tarayoga: I'm a yoga instructor from the small town of Tulsa, Oklahoma with a background in Anusara Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. When I started practicing yoga in 2008—never having been the athletic type—I fell in love with the mental discipline yoga and meditation required. Nothing in my life had ever invited me to so directly confront my own self, and I was terrified, but fascinated by how terrifying it was. My teachers showed me the importance of proper physical alignment for a lifetime of health, and the combination of mental and physical challenge had me totally hooked.

I found the Bowspring technology in 2013, and when its potent benefits began rapidly taking my practice to new levels of strength, openness, and mental clarity I never looked back.
Bowspring was by far the most challenging practice I had ever attempted, even though my arm balances and inversions were feeling pretty good. The reason why it was so challenging is because it was asking me to feel more, when my previous practice had honestly been about numbing the feeling.

To me, Bowspring is like looking in a completely accurate, unbiased mirror. It reveals! It awaits anyone who wants to see themselves clearly.
To me, Bowspring is also medicine. Bowspring founder Desi Springer once said, "Feeling leads to revealing, which leads to healing."
The human experience is something we all have in common, and the Bowspring practice acknowledges our similarities and shared struggles. I find this to be beautiful encouragement.

I still cherish the rich practices of pranayama and meditation and am delighted to integrate them into the Bowspring practice. I look forward to meeting you, practicing together, and sharing this human experience together.